Sunart Oakwoods

Welcome to our website – a site with a different focus on what you can see and do in this unique and exciting temperate rain forest.

Situated as far west as you can go on the British mainland, this is one of the very few such forests remaining in Europe.

” … Strontian is the gateway to a very different type of country. This is Suaineart ghorm nan darach; green Sunart of the oaks; one of the very few parts of modern Scotland where it is possible to form some idea of why it was that oakwoods seemed so special to the Celts.
Go there, if possible, on one of those brilliantly sunny days which occur often in the Highlands during May and June. Take in the sights and sounds and scents of an ancient woodland as it comes into leaf.”
Professor James Hunter CBE, historian, author and broadcaster.
From “On the Other Side of Sorrow: Nature and People in the Scottish Highlands” (Mainstream Publishing, 1995)

Discover Sunart for yourself; sheltered woodlands and windswept moors, sparkling waters and glowering skies, verdant springs and glowing autumns, a wealth of culture in a sparsely populated land.  Discover how green consciousness is still a key theme for today’s communities as they manage this precious landscape.