6 Recommendations for Holiday Travel

Holiday seasons is the perfect time keep in touch and spend time with your family and friends. And as your family spreads out across the world and grows, holiday travel gets complicated as well. American Automobile Association (AAA) has found that 107.3 million Americans will take automobiles, planes and trains between the days that lead up to Christmas until the New Year’s Day. AAA predicts that this will be the highest volume on record for year-end travel with a 3.1{d93989b362008a9138ba93370c509e2ce962f0455d528e30b65f62e1f6607988} increase than last year. Think about doing these 6 recommendations and travel tips that works like magic as you travel:

  1. Do some research

Family travel is messy whether you’re a procrastinator or a planner who looks for the last minute deals. Make it easier for you by just doing a research. In order to assist you in pinpointing the greatest deals and the best schedule, you have to select flexible travel dates. If you’re unsure about the best time or dates to travel, you can utilize a flight search engine that enables you to input flexible travel dates. Then, search and see what flights are the most costly then, accordingly, adjust your travel dates.

  1. Carefully plan it

If it happens to be winter time, flying during winter might delay your flight because of the bad weather. Also, flying on the hurricane season increases the risk of delayed or even cancelled flights. Moreover, you have to prevent having short flight layover times to mitigate the possibility of missing connecting flights. If possible, you can select connections in warmer cities—where chances of weather delays are less.

  1. Pack light

Now that the majority of airlines are charging as they check the bags, you can save money if you pack lightly. Moreover, you can carry on your suitcase to prevent possible delayed or lost checked bags.

  1. Whether you are driving or flying, leave early.

One of the most essential tips for holiday travel, which is worthy of repeating, is to leave early—most especially during the holiday season. Parking, traffic jams, lines at the airport kiosks, passing through security, lines at the gasoline stations—and the list continues for probable delays you can encounter as you travel.

  1. Keep updated on road closures or flight changes.

You can just download the application of your airline for you to be alerted and updated for any flight changes and get alerts on gate delays and changes. Upon booking a flight, frequently, you are provided the option for text alerts. Hence, sign up immediately.

  1. Be healthy as you travel.

There is a higher chance of becoming sick once you travel in close proximity. Thus, it is essential to keep being healthy as you travel. Keep in mind to get a lot of rest, stay hydrated, get healthy snacks, and move around often in order to prevent blood clots. You can bring with you an empty water bottle and fill it up on the stops on your road trip and at your airport. Also, make sure that you bring antibacterial wipes, hand gel or soap and use it frequently.

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