Eco-Friendly Hotels and Resorts Attract More Tourists

As we continue to become a society that is focused upon the importance of environmental awareness and impacts to climate change, many businesses understand the need for change. As consumers, we are, today, choosing to use the services of businesses who are environmentally friendly.

Within the tourism and travel industry, hotels are beginning to focus on this unique niche in traveler interest. While hotels understand what the federal and state regulations may be, with regard to their industry, it is the hotel or lodging chain that moves a step beyond what is required, that may benefit the most from the changes. For many tourists, spending travel dollars on hotels with environmentally friendly options is becoming increasingly more popular.

Eco-Friendly Hotels and Resorts Attract More Tourists

Environmental Friendliness:

One way in which many hotels are focusing upon environmental friendliness can be found in their ability to develop and manage a property with a natural setting. Creating resort locations in rural settings is a great opportunity for vacation getaways but there is an importance in ensuring the natural setting is not significantly disturbed in the process. While state and federal regulations do control, to some extent, the development of hotel properties, many hotel development projects must take the added steps to create luxury without disturbing a natural setting.

Using Advancing Technology:

As consumers of significant amounts of water and electricity, hotels must also work to find ways in which to manage and maintain efficient use. While travelers tend to shower longer, it is also the overall use of water in pools and spas that are a concern for many hotel resource and development locations. As a result, many hotels are using advancing technology in the recycling of public water supply while using more efficient water supply devices in the hotel rooms, such as water conserving shower heads. These, of course, can raise some concern for potential unsafe drinking water or contamination in pubic water supply.

Travel Destination:

When considering your next travel destination, you will most likely have an opportunity to choose from a variety of hotel or lodging locations. When considering your selection of hotel chains, take the time to investigate the particular hotel’s use of energy conservation and environmentally friendly planning and development.

With an effort to maintain natural resources, providing for little disturbance in the natural setting and working to conserve energy and water, the hotel choice may by your opportunity to give back to the environment while traveling. Supporting the hotel’s who are working to promote environmental integrity is a great way to create a more “green” friendly vacation.

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