Postpartum Depression + Healing Outdoors with Daily Walking

Did you know that between 50 and 75% of women get some sort of postpartum depression or experience the “baby blues” after giving birth?

If you are in the thick of it, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

Postpartum depression is very common and is a condition that comes with feelings of sadness, loneliness, bouts of crying for no reason, and anxiety.

Although postpartum depression is unpleasant, it usually goes away or at least subsides after two-four weeks without any treatment.

For those experiencing postpartum depression, countless studies have shown how getting outside and going on daily walks actually helps relieve symptoms and even makes it subside sooner.

Here’s How to Recover from Postpartum Depression by Being Outdoors on Daily Walks:

Reconnect to the Outside World

It is said that just getting out of your home (a space where you spend a lot of time after giving birth), and breathing in fresh air, being around others, experiencing sunshine, clouds, the sounds of birds and the wind, actually have therapeutic properties.

Your mind can clear, you go into a new space, see new things, and reconnect with the outside world.

When experiencing postpartum depression, you can feel alone.

Reconnecting with those around you will make you feel like yourself again, and what better way to do so then on long daily walks.

Exercise and Healing

If you’ve had a c-section, your doctor most likely told you to not do too much for the first few weeks but after a few weeks, start gradually going on walks.

Going on walks gets the blood flowing, muscles moving and helps you heal more quickly.

Not only from a c-section, but also from a traditional birth.

As soon as your doctor gives you the green light, start with short walks and slowly increase each day as long as you feel comfortable and aren’t experiencing any pain.

Exercise is good for the mind, body and soul.

You will also shed that baby weight more quickly if you get daily exercise in.

Bonding Time with Baby

The fresh air is not only good for you, but it is good for baby!

Put the baby in the stroller and take them with you.

Strollers now-adays are so well made and offer different options from reclining positions to full on baby carriages so that your baby can sleep as if at home in their crib, while you walk. has an in-depth stroller review on a stroller that is great for long walks!

Grab your stroller and baby, a bottle of water, your comfortable walking shoes, and spend a little more time outdoors each day!


Even if you are only getting out for 15 minutes a day, it will greatly benefit you when dealing with postpartum depression.

Start slow and build up from there.

Bring your partner and make it a family walk!

Let nature help you on your way to healing from postpartum depression!

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